Are You Ready to PERMANENTLY BANISH Fears, Phobias, Undesired Habits or Emotional Reactions From Your Life?

The Unconscious Authority goes beyond conventional motivational and self-help books and delves into the science and technology of what it takes to truly change… while doing it easily and effortlessly in 30 days!

About the Book

Are you looking for a practical and simple solution to making permanent changes in your life? The Unconscious Authority will show you how to easily do it… in only 30 days!

Meet the Author

Meet Joe Hammer, the author of The Unconscious Authority and founder of Rapid Changeworks, a subconscious motivation process to achieve lasting change.

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Readers of The Unconscious Authority have made powerful life shifts in only 30 days. Take a look at the reviews of this unconventional personal development book!

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About the Author...

Joe Hammer is a Transformation Leader, Marketing Strategist, Mentor and Lifetime Entrepreneur. Through his mentoring programs, workshops, seminars and consulting work, Joe has assisted countless clients in banishing their limitations, building their business and living the life they truly desire.

He has studied with many of the world’s most famous trainers and mentors in the fields of human potential, success and spirituality. He understands the factors responsible for happiness, achievement and excellence.

After doing a number of presentations, lectures, workshops and seminars on the mind, Joe felt called to author a book on the subject, thus The Unconscious Authority was penned. Joe explains the mind, how it holds on to information, habits, thoughts and events, and how this historical information often plays out negatively in our present day lives. He also explains a 30 day process to eradicate them and rapidly make the life changes we desire.

About the Book...

Have you desired to make powerful and necessary changes in your life, but found it seemingly impossible? Even though you knew that change would make your life easier? You’ve tried everything… listened to “self-help” audio programs, read books, attended seminars and personal growth workshops.

Maybe you’ve even experienced an expensive, hyped-up personal development boot camp, only to find you’ve returned to your everyday habits and undesired reactions. And they are affecting your life, relationships and career.

The Unconscious Authority is about to change all that. It addresses the unconscious, yet powerful, driving force behind our life’s direction. It delves into the science of our mindsets, behaviors, hang-ups, quirks and habits, how they “got there,” and what we need to do to truly change them, permanently.

There are a lot of self-help books on the market, but The Unconscious Authority digs deeper. Making life changes by setting intentions on the conscious level are ineffective and short-lived. It’s beyond merely setting intentions, reading affirmations or the annual (and most-always-failing) “New Year’s Resolutions”… it’s about Permanent Life Change through Joe Hammer’s Subconscious Motivation™ process. 

Having witnessed and experienced many powerful life shifts with his clients during his years in his personal development practice, author Joe Hammer discovered the real “secret” to locking in lasting life changes. You’ll read about many of their transformations in the book.

Isn’t it time you took the power away from your Unconscious Authority and start living the life you desire? The Unconscious Authority will dissect the reasons behind your undesired behaviors and set you on the path to a new you… the way you desire to be!

Joe's approach addresses what many self-help/personal development books fail to do, addressing the root causes of problem areas in our lives. Highly Recommended!

— Amazon Review

How the Unconscious Authority is covertly and powerfully controlling your life

How yesterday’s Sensitizing Events trigger undesired reactions today

The often Erroneous Power of Thought

How faulty Historic Recordings are playing out in your life

The Fabricated Formation of Your Reality and how it is negatively affecting you

Mind Maxims and how they affect your thoughts and experiences

How Subconscious Motivation is covertly calling your life shots

The Technology of the Mind, the 3 components to your very being

How to better control your mind’s Stealth Processors

The debilitating power of a Faulty Belief System

Rave Reviews!

“WOW, what a book!! Extremely enlightening and easy to read and understand.”

“Joe’s approach addresses what many self-help/personal developments books fail to do, addressing the root causes of problem areas in our lives. Highly Recommended!”

“It feels just amazing when one can take control of what couldn’t be achieved before! Not only my life is changing but the ones around me are feeling that powerful change as well. Kids, family, co-workers and friends! I highly recommend this book to everyone!”

“It’s a great approach for breaking through unconscious barriers in your life. I highly recommend this book!”

“A rather unusual “self-help” book that presents techniques to just tweek or make over those issues that prevent success. Well written, with easy to understand facts and principles that can be applied right now.”

“Joe’s energy is contagious and not only is the book outstanding, but Joe is a great speaker and was a wonderful guest sharing his knowledge and passion with my listeners on WKKX.”

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